Our Story

Documentation is King

Technology industry leaders know that documentation is king when it comes to the success of any technical team. If you learn something, write it down... the entire team benefits.

This is a fundamental process to our industry, so why do we still struggle with it?

The Struggle

Technical teams typically struggle with one thing... document repositories and libraries that do not operate the way that technical people think. Technical folks think in the form of workflow diagrams, a sequence of if/then that isn't always linear. They are constantly scanning long documents for relevant information, and fast forwarding videos to get to the relevant content. They find the process of documentation daunting, they can't just add a step to existing troubleshooting, It has to be a full and complete new document each time

A Lightbulb Goes On

What if we turn technical documentation and knowledgebase software on its head? Why can't our technical documentation follow a workflow path, with each workflow object being a simple troubleshooting step? Why shouldn't the information be delivered in bite-sized portions for just in time (JIT) delivery? Why can't each step of a standard procedure correspond to a task in a checklist?

Our Team

Kristin MacDonald


IT Services Director, with superior problem-solving and a meticulous attention to detail and methodical nature. Skilled in tackling problems in unique ways to develop innovative solutions, with 15 years of Software Config, Support, and Training experience.

Sidney Jacques


Full Stack Developer with over 8 years of experience creating memorable experiences for end users. Past projects include apps for real estate, marketing , local municipalities, sports applications and more.

Alys Lucero

Knowledge Capture Consultant

Skilled in technical writing, and Systems Administration for traditional knowledge management solutions such as Confluence, Zendesk and Service Now